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Our Story

Our journey is a masterclass in ambition, innovation, and resilience. Our expertise sharpened over many years, has driven business growth while also making a positive difference worldwide. By tuning into the goals and hurdles of each partner, we've helped transform companies, shape industries, and better communities everywhere.
Our story is not just about us; it's about the many businesses we've supported and the communities we've given a hand to. Sure, numbers can hint at our successes, but it's the stories of real change and genuine backing that capture our hearts. This narrative isn't just ours; it's a shared tale of dreams achieved, obstacles conquered, and boundaries pushed.
Our approach marries deep expertise with real dedication. This has allowed us to drive business transformations and lead sectors towards new directions. We celebrate our wins and learn from setbacks. With a presence across the globe and involvement in multiple sectors, we champion the power of collective effort. Looking forward, alongside our partners, we're set to scale even greater heights.

From modest roots to a global powerhouse.

Our Team

Joshua Taylor

Founder & CEO

A passionate leader, Joshua drives growth and innovation, ensuring the vision remains forward-focused and cutting edge.

Joshua Taylor

Larelle Sheikh

Co-Founder & PR Director

With a knack for PR and storytelling, Larelle bridges connections and crafts narratives that resonate with diverse audiences.

Larelle Sheikh

Gerard Kavanagh

Chief Technology Officer

Gerard's expertise in tech ensures that the latest tools and techniques are employed, streamlining the digital journey for us and our clients.

Gerard Kavanagh

Patricia Silvia

Head Of Partnerships

Specialising in fostering partnerships, Patricia collaborates with industry allies, ensuring mutually beneficial ties.

Patricia Silva

Matt Desmier

Chief Innovation Leader

An innovation enthusiast, Matt thrives on transforming ideas into tangible solutions, keeping offerings fresh and relevant.

Matt Desmier

Michelle Jacques

Chief Global Strategist

A strategic planner, Michelle outlines global endeavors and ensures their meticulous execution for achieving set goals.

Michelle Jacques

Steve Rix

Human Capital Officer

Dedicated to team growth and mental fitness Steve emphasises talent development, ensuring the best skills are harnessed for success.

Steve Rix

Leila Taylor

Cyber Security & Risk Lead

Leila prioritises online safety, diligently working to maintain a secure cyber environment and risk-free operations internally and externally.

Leila Taylor

Harley Francis

Business Development Director

As a BDM ace, Harley steers sales and growth strategies, ensuring business goals are consistently met and new strategies implemented across the board.

Douglas Viking

Community Leader

At the heart of the community, Douglas builds and strengthens relationships, fostering a vibrant, collaborative atmosphere across our network.

Tyler Miller

Business Development Partner

Drives growth by fostering partnerships and understanding client needs. Expert at aligning opportunities with AFI's offerings amongst existing and new clients.

Our Approach

Over the years, we've developed an approach that is both practical and forward-thinking. We dive deep into the ins and outs of global markets to offer fresh, impactful solutions. Every partnership matters to us. We take the time to understand our clients' stories and dreams. This helps us create plans that fit like a glove, addressing specific needs and hopes for the future.


We’re not just focused on quick wins. We care about the big picture, ensuring that our clients grow in a sustainable way that lasts. By combining innovative ideas, solid data, and a strong sense of ethics, we tackle challenges head-on. In a fast-paced world, we are a trusted guide. Our approach stands out because it's rooted in understanding, dedication, and real results.

Our History In Numbers


Utility in clients projects, budget and revenue accumulated over global acquisitions and product/service placements


Global Consultants


Partners and Global Network in over 30 Countries


Years of Industry Experience

Our Portfolio

Coca Cola
Johnie Walker
J.P Morgan

AFI was born from the legacy of our parent company Autonomic, a stalwart that collaborated with leading global brands. Leveraging their vast knowledge and international expertise, AFI now champions the journey for startups and enterprises, infusing their rich heritage into every partnership.

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